Bondtrac LiveNetwork™

A multi-channel system of pre-trade information for communication of bond details including analytics and order management.


Professional – For the Bond Specialist 
Showing all grades of live and subject offerings with real time communication between your trading desk and sales.

ProInvestor – for the Financial Advisor and Institutional Investor. 
Showing live and subject investment grade bond with powerful analytics and tools.


Challenge: The complete picture of all current bond offerings is frequently not widely disseminated to buyers, often resulting in an inefficient bond market. 
Solution: Bondtrac LiveNetwork™. Offering Dealers provide LIVE inventory and real-time updates available to professional dealers, traders, brokers, and advisors as well as to the institutional investor market.

Challenge: Communication and information distribution between the sell side and buy side markets is time-consuming, resulting in less productivity. 
Solution: Bondtrac LiveNetwork™. Provides web-based, real-time intra-firm communication to save time and increase order volume.

Challenge: ECN’s get in the middle of the trade, resulting in hidden, costly inter-dealer mark ups, additional clearing fees and loss of client/seller relationship. 
Solution: Bondtrac LiveNetwork™. By advertising offerings on Bondtrac, you maintain your relationship with your current customers and grow assets without costly intermediaries.